Q:  What are the ages that 5280 Early Childhood Education Center is licensed for?

A: 5280 Early Childhood Education is Licensed through the State of Colorado, and we are licensed for ages 6 weeks through 5 years.  We are licensed for a total of 67 children.  Because of our ratios, there will be no more than 63 students per day at 5280ecec. 


Q:  Does 5280 Early Childhood Education Center allow parents to visit the center unannounced?


A: Yes.  We strongly recommend that any person interested in taking a tour of our center or any center do so unannounced.  5280 Early Childhood Education Center not only follows the rules and regulations mandated by the State of Colorado, but we follow the high standards set forth by 5280 Early Childhood Education Center.  

Q: Does the cost of care include snacks and meals?

A: Yes.  5280 Early Childhood Education Center has a chef on-site.  There is a kitchen in the center that allows our chef to prepare the freshest foods possible for our students.  We make every attempt to serve our students the healthiest breakfast/morning and afternoon snacks/lunch.  We serve organic  whole milk to our older infants and toddlers, and 2% organic milk to our preschoolers.  We are 80% organic whole foods.



Q:  What is the price of child care?  

A:  The cost of child care and preschool at 5280ecec is comparable to the cost of any other child care center in the area.

Q: Is 5280 Early Childhood Education Center accredited or Qualistar rated?

A: 5280 Early Childhood Education Center is not an accredited school.  We are licensed through the state of Colorado.


​Q: Is the center secured?


A: Yes.  5280 Early Childhood Education Center has key coded front entrance. 




Q: What is the experience and  background of the staff?

A: 5280 Early Childhood Education Center only hires experienced and educated teachers, but most importantly we hire kind people.  All of our teachers and staff members are finger printed, back ground checked, have 15 hours of mandatory outside training per year, and are CPR/First Aid and Universal Precautions certified. 



Q:  Does 5280 have computers, iPads, or television for the children to watch?

A: Research suggest that children have too many logged hours in front of the television, computer, and other media outlets.  5280 Early Childhood Education Center believes that a child care center is NO PLACE for television viewing and computers; our students are actively engaged all day with play, education and their peers.  

Q:  How often are the classroom toys sanitized?

A: Every classroom sanitizes the toys every evening.  We spray an EcoLab sanitizing solution on the toys when the students go outside to play and then when they are down for naps. Once a week all toys are sanitized in our commercial dishwasher. We spray all toys at night with a bleach & water mixture, we use Purefypro throughout the day and Oxivir Tb on changing tables. We keep a very clean environment for our teachers and students. 


Q: What is 5280 Early Childhood Education Center's sick policy?


A: Our students overall health is very important to 5280 Early Childhood Education Center.  Here is the guideline that we follow. 

If your child has any of the following, you will be called to pick up your child.  Please pick your child up from the center within one hour of our call.

We follow the guidelines set by the Department of Human Services: Child Care Department


• A fever of 100.5 degrees Fahrenheit or higher
• Vomiting
• Three or more diarrheas in one hour
• Discharge from the eyes or ears
• Undiagnosed rash

According to Department of Human Services, Child Care Department it is our responsibility to notify the Health Department if your child has any of the following: hepatitis, measles, mumps, meningitis, diphtheria, rubella, salmonella, tuberculosis, or giardia. Please be aware that that your families name and your child’s name will remain confidential.  For your child’s health, please pick up your child with in one hour of communication between you and a staff member of school because we do not have the proper means to care for ill children.


A: We have been very fortunate through this whole situation. We never closed our doors and have one case of COVID at the school. Every evening we close at 5:30 to disinfect the whole school, this is on top of every day cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting. Every Sunday IsoKlean is sprayed for extra protection from germs. Every morning children are given a health assessment, parents fill out health forms, all teachers are given a health assessment every morning and we have very clear and concrete guidelines for every member of our school. Currently we are not allowing any parents inside the school. 

5280 Early Childhood Education Center has compiled a list of questions, for your convenience, when touring child care centers.