Young Explorers

Young Explorers 1 - Children ages 12/18 to 24/25 months.  The State ratio is 1:5, and our ratio is 1:4. 
Young Explorers 2 – Children ages 24/26 months to 36 months.  The State ratio is 1:7, our ratio is 1:5.

Our Young Explorers classrooms are designed to provide age appropriate choices, teacher directed, and self directed activities, group and individual exploration.  All students in the Young Explorers’ classrooms will play outside (weather dependent) on a daily basis, have circle time, and participate in science, art, music, books, and play.

More information:

Our Young Explorers 2 classroom has their own private rest room facilities, and teachers will assist in the potty training of our toddlers.  Our Young Explorers 2 will begin active participation in 5280 Early Childhood Education Center's choice curriculums.  

Please be sure to bring all your winter gear our students will go outside even if it is for 10 minutes during the coldest days.  We typically spend an average of 4 hours outside every day.

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