The infant room has a very flexible schedule.  The infant room is designed to foster and cultivate your child’s natural curiosity about the world around them.  Here are a few rules that 5280 Early Childhood Education Center has regarding our infant room.

• Breast milk and formula must be pre-made (according to manufacture directions) every day that your child is at the center.
• All infants under the age of 6 months will be held when bottle-feeding.
• Bottles will never be allowed in cribs.
• Formula and breast milk bottles will never be warmed in a microwave.
• All bottles need to be taken at the end of the day, any bottle left will be emptied and put in your child’s mailbox.
• Teachers must not mix cereal with formula or breast milk unless written instructions from your child’s physician are provided. 
• Your child will be placed on their back and in their crib for all naps.
• Infants will be changed every 2 hours unless needed before.

• We do not condone container syndrome; therefore, this is why we have limited bouncy seats and swings​.

Our on site chef prepares all infant food for our students, purees will be served to our older infants with permission from families.

No infant will be allowed in a crib with a blanket unless they are over the age of 12 months.  All infants under the age of 12 months will be provided a sleep sac.

During the summer, spring and fall time our infants are outside every day from 10:25-10:45. 

More information:

We believe our infants, and all children, are more than a number.  The State ratio for infants is 1:5, and our ratio is 1:4 when the classroom is at its full capacity of 8.  

Play and learning area
Play and learning area

Sleeping area.
Sleeping area.

5280 Early Childhood Education Center has supplied all sheets. We do not allow blankets in our cribs; therefore, we have provided sleep sacs for our students.

Play and learning area
Play and learning area